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Date:  February 13, 2016  

Welcome to the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS)
Web Application


The VFC Pentacel supply is currently limited and all Pentacel orders are being reduced. Please consider ordering more single antigens of DTaP, HIB and IPV. Avoid missed opportunities.
Visit the AZ Immunization Program webpage to learn more.

Order Flu Vaccine as needed; there is no wait period and orders ARE NOT being reduced at this time.

Click HERE to download ASIIS enrollment forms.

Click HERE to access the ASIIS training modules.

Click HERE to View the List of Vaccine Names - Best ASIIS Selection(CPT/CVX Codes), the ASIIS Manual and other vaccine ordering training materials.

Click HERE to get contact information for registries in other states.

Click HERE to go to the VFC Program Home Page.

Go to the The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI) Website.
Go to the ADHS/ASIIS Web Site.
Do you need VIS's and other immunization related materials in a foreign language? Visit the Immunization Action Coalition web site.
For the latest Immunization Schedule and more visit the CDC website.
For instructions how to use the Mass Immunization module visit the ASIIS website.
For quick and easy search instructions visit the ASIIS website.
If you have any questions regarding vaccine dosing and recommendations please click HERE for access to the Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases CDC Pink Book 12th Edition.

Contact ASIIS User Support:
  Arizona Department of Health Services
  Arizona Immunization Program Office/ASIIS
  150 North 18th Avenue, Suite 120
  Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3233
Telephone No.: (602) 364-3899
Toll-free: 1-877-491-5741
Fax No.: (602) 364-3285
E-Mail ASIIS: ASIIS Question