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Date:  February 26, 2017  

Welcome to the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS)
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2017 VFC Re-enrollment

The Arizona Immunization Program Office is excited to announce that VFC providers will renew their 2017 Arizona Vaccines for Children provider agreement online in ASIIS this year!

Click here for more information.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here for Instructions on completing Provider Agreement.

As of March 2017 your re-enrollment will begin with the vaccine order that you submit. The State will review your order and if all pre-requisites are met the state will approve your order. After that your re-enrollment process will start. At that point you will need to prepare and submit your Provider Agreement.



visit here to review conference information and register.

Make plans now to attend the 24th Annual Arizona Immunization Conference
April 19-20, 2017
Black Canyon Conference Center


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View full text of the 2017 Security/Confidentiality Agreement (Pledge to Protect Confidential Information)

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  Arizona VFC Home Page

  Latest Immunization Schedule and more - CDC website.
  Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) - CDC website.
  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) - Official VAERS website.

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