Date:  December 10, 2017  

<TR> <TD> <CENTER><A href="" target="_blank"><img src="!VFC Incident Report.png" height="75" width"225"></a> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp <A href="" target="_blank"><img src="!Report-Login-Problems.png" height="75" width"225"></a> <!p> <!A href="" target="_blank"><!img src="!Report-Provider-Agreement-Technical.png" height="75" width"225"></a> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp <A href="" target="_blank"><img src="!Report-Provider-Profile-changes-e-form.png" height="75" width"225"></a> <HR><HR> <p> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD> <CENTER><a href="!2017-Holiday-vaccine-shipping-schedule-Info.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="!2017-Holiday-vaccine-shipping-schedule.png" height="300" width"100"><br></CENTER> <br><p> <HR><HR> <p> </TD> </TR> <!TR> <!TD> <!br><!p> <!CENTER><!img src="!Flu_Orders.png" height="300" width"900"><!br><!/CENTER> <!CENTER><!font color="#800000" size='4'><!a href="!Flu-Season-helpful-hints-7-2017.pdf" target="_blank"><!img src="!Flu_Season_Graphics.png" height="100" width"300"><!br><!/a><!/CENTER> <!br><!p> <!HR><!HR> <!p> <!/TD> <!/TR>
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