New Users should complete the following ASIIS Training Modules:

Getting Started – Learn how enroll with ASIIS, log into to ASIIS and how to use the Forgot Password feature.

ASIIS Vaccine Orders - Updated training module will be available soon.

ASIIS Vaccine Transfers– Learn how to create and receive a vaccine transfer in ASIIS.

ASIIS Inventory Management– Updated training module will be available soon.

ASIIS Patient Maintenance– Learn how to search for patients, view/add/edit patient records, view Vaccination Forecasts and Summary and print Immunization Records.

ASIIS Patient Encounter– Learn how to manual report Administered and Historical immunizations.

ASIIS Reminder Recall– Learn how to run Reminder/Recall in ASIIS.

ASIIS Reports– Learn how to run Reports in ASIIS.

·         VFC Accountability Log Report - This report displays the VFC Eligibility and vaccinations given during a specified timeframe.

·         Inventory Transaction Report - This report displays a list of all the Inventory Transactions for all users within your organization in a specified date range.

·         Lot Number Summary Report - This report displays the activity for the vaccine in your ASIIS inventory.

·         Vaccine Lots to Expire Report - This report displays a list of all active, vaccine lots which are about to expire. The number of days until expirations is specified.

·         Patient Detail Report - This report displays a list of patients and their selected vaccinations for a specified timeframe. The list includes either patients that are owned or patients to whom service has been provided, depending on whether “by ownership” or “by service” has been selected.

Cold Storage– Learn how to manage your cold storage units and track temperatures in ASIIS
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